Friday, May 1, 2009

Don't see the movie Fighting. It really fucking sucked.

I walked out of the movie theater after seeing Fighting and I wanted my money back. This movie was fucking retarded and full of stupid holes. The ending was shit too.

If you guys haven't seen it yet and don't want it ruined don't keep reading, but I'm telling you guys this movie is so fucking bad you should let me spoil it for you so you can save your time and not bother yourselves with it.

Where do I begin with how awful this movie was? Let's start with what the movie was supposed to be all about: fighting.

The fight scenes were shit. There were only about 4 in the movie and you could hardly call them action packed. In every fight the main character, Shawn MacArthur, would nearly lose but at the last moment miraculously save himself and completely turn the fight around. Two out of four of the fights had him nearly choke to death but then he flipped the guy over and beat him. If there's only going to be 4 fights why be so fucking unoriginal and have two of the turnouts play out with him barely surviving being strangled to death? In another fight, Shawn is pressed against a glass window but manages to get his opponent on the ground at the last moment in what was a miraculous save.

Also throughout the fight scenes they kept flashing back and forth from the fighters to the audience. What the fuck was up with that? I don't care to see some old people cheering on the fight, I want to see the damn fight. If they did it a couple times that would be okay but they really pushed that far. It was as if they were trying to kill time in the movie by doing that.

And who the fuck chose Channing Tatum to be the lead actor? He couldn't act for shit. Also his ears are big.

The storyline was shit, from the beginning to the end. As the movie developed it just got worse and worse.

They randomly bring up this whole backstory in the middle of the film (if you can even call it a film) with the main character and how he punched his father but meant to hit Brian J White and then he beat up his father and wouldn't stop hurting him. That came out of fucking nowhere! What the fuck?! And wasn't Brian White supposed to have liked his Dad and that's why he hates the main character? Because I recall him saying, "What was it your father would have called that? Oh yeah, niggershit." Why would he say this? It completely goes against what his character would have done.

I remember the scene when Harvey, the hustler type character who recruits the main character, goes to find out what the prize money was and they tell him its $100,000. He then goes to the main character and tells him the prize money is a hundred grand. This would never happen. Why? Because then Harvey isn't making any money. Seriously, where is his cut? Is he working off of only betting money? No that wouldn't work, and this is a hole in the story.

Also Harvey made the bet with the guy played by Luis Guzman but then he gave the money to those other people right (the people that Zulay Henao brought the money to)? What happened to that? Didn't they lose a lot of money off of that bet?

Also why they hell would Luis Guzman even make a bet for the main character to win if the guy he is betting against is his coach or whatever? Did I miss something here, or was this just fucking retarded?

The romantic, love part to the movie was really fucking corny and dumb. It was so lame! When the grandma came in and cockblocked him I wanted to give her a hug.

You call that a sex scene? They lie down on the bed and it shows them holding hands, then the screen fades to black. I know this movie is rated PG-13 but come on! That was fucking pathetic.

The main character was walking around stalking Zulay Hanao and creeping her the fuck out. But then she finds out that he's a big fighter and all of a sudden she wants to fuck him. You know what? I'm cool with that, but what I'm not cool with is the fact that a character who would do this kind of thing would not go against her boss if her boss is an underground crime boss. What am I talking about? She turned in the bet money saying that they want to win instead of that they will lose like he told her to. I'm having trouble believing that she would listen to the words of some retarded fighter (and his character was supposed to be stupid so I can say that) knowing that if he tried to win the fight and lost like they thought he would, her life would be over and her kid would be fucked.

The ending was the worst part. It was just so dumb I can't get over it.

They win a million dollars and what do they do? They all go on a road trip to find his dad! Yeah like that would actually happen. Let's break it down to who was going: the main character, the girl, her daughter, the grandmother, and Harvey. I can understand her and her kid coming along, he's got cash and she wants him. But the grandmother? She hated him throughout the movie. She thinks he killed someone and knows about his history. She kicked him out of the house while he was making out with her daughter. So now that he won a million dollars she's okay with him? I guess so.

And Harvey came along for the trip? What kind of hustler is he supposed to be? If I was making money on the street my whole life and one day I get lucky and make a million bucks I would not go on some road trip to find a retarded guys dad. What would his character have done that would have made more sense? Go buy some more coke, because we know that's what he was doing, and party his ass off. And if he was really a hustler he would have made the main character stay in New York, wait until his injuries have recovered, during that time enlarge his image so someone out there wants to come challenge him for a shit load of money, and then have another fight for more cash! Who knows how much money they could have gotten off of their next fight? 2 million? 5 million?

Fuck this movie. I feel dumber for watching it.

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  1. agreed. i fuckin hated that moviee.